Business Intelligence – In the footsteps of Galileo

In the footsteps of Galileo.The business of patents, science and technology was showcased here in Venice at the annual European Inventor Award, hosted by the European Patent Office.

The Award recognises outstanding inventors from Europe, and around the world, who have made exceptional contributions to social development, technological progress and economic growth.

EPO President, Benoît Battistelli said: “These inventors have not only contributed to technological development, their patented inventions have had a major social and economic impact, from life-saving medical advances, and materials to protect our environment, to satellite navigation technologies that bring us closer together”

Rino Rappuoli, Chief Scientist at pharmaceutical giant GSK, was the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award, for his work on next-generation vaccines; using human genome technology against meningitis, whooping cough and other infections.

Staying with healthcare innovation, and, also in Italy – in Rome, a special high-level conference supported by Rome’s Mayor, Virginia Raggi, focused on the growing challenge of superbugs, and how to make Italy a leading protagonist in the multi-resistance global debate.

Professor Elisabetta Caselli of the University of Ferrara, presented results from her team’s research, on the effectiveness of the PCHS hygiene system, which re-modelled the microbial ecosystem, reducing antimicrobial resistance in the hospital environment.

Presented by Brian Maguire, Europe Editor